Fiverr – basics – what is it?

Did you ever heard about Fiverr? Maybe yes, maybe just name sounds familiar but you can not connect it with something specific. Finally, maybe this strange name doesn’t ring a bell at all. Well, if you want to start to earn money via the Internet it’s perfect (I hope, hadn’t tried yet) place to start. I’m going to explain you basics of Fiverr.

Fiverr – basics: what is it exactly?

It’s a platform connecting freelancers of all kinds with people who would like to use their services. Sounds easy and almost brilliant, right? In modern times, when there is a growing market of small gigs (works) it a good place to find someone who can do the things for us… Or become one who will do that job.

The platform was created in 2010, and since then it’s growing. As one of the few platforms for freelancers, it’s become worldwide recognizable. We can find specialists from Europe, America or Asia, talking in dozens of languages! You need a translator from English into Polish, Swedish or Chinese? No problem, you will find someone who will do the work for you!

In the first years, the idea was really simple. Freelancers were doing small works for a really affordable price of 5 $. I must say that most probably this helped the platform to become so big. With time things changed a little bit and become more expensive. Of course, good quality work has to cost more than just 5 $ but you always have a choice! Right now some services offered there are reaching the points of a few hundred of American dollars. And they are still popular!

Fiverr – basics: how it works?

It doesn’t matter do you want to be a freelancer or a customer. First you have to create the account! Then you decide what role you want to fulfill. The good news is: you can be both a customer and a contributor! Payments are done by PayPal, which is great because, in my opinion, it gives more safety to the “buyer: When the work is delivered, a person who ordered must “accept” it, and then the money is transferred to the account of the person who was doing the work.

Fiverr – basics: my first impression

I use Fiverr occasionally for about six years, but since now I was just a customer. I have my favorite freelancers to who I’m always coming back for another service and that will not change. As a freelancer, I’m just about to start, so I can’t actually tell anything about it. Yes, I created the first two offers about a year ago but I did almost nothing to promote them, so I didn’t get any gigs to do. Well, that is about to change.

This post is NOT sponsored or ordered by Fiverr and its only a part of my journey as a Digital Nomad „Wannabe”

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