What to shoot in December 2019?

What to shoot in December 2019 – from where the idea comes from?

A few days ago I received an email from Shutterstock titled exactly “What to shoot in December 2019”. Every contributor actually is receiving regular updates on that. It is a very useful idea for beginner photographers, but also an important thing for the company. They need to get the photos they have a chance to sell! So if you are thinking seriously about earning some side money on photography you should treat that newsletter very seriously. I do, this is why I have decided not only to follow the ideas but also share them here with you in the regular posts.

So – What to shoot in December 2019?

I will surprise you! None of the topics is connected with Christmas! That subject was already trending two months ago! Actually, when I look at the list I’m not feeling the festive spirit at all!

What to shoot in December 2019 – Natural food and medicine!

If you have possibilities to shoot all kinds of pictures connected with wellness, spa, and nature it is time to do it! Shutterstock needs it, and you can earn money thanks to that!

Have you heard about CBD? It’s cannabidiol, a trending ingredient in the natural products market. Everything connected with that will sell, sell, sell! Do you have an idea for a picture, illustration or vector graphic? Upload it now!

Natural ingredients such as turmeric, aloe vera, charcoal, hibiscus, and eucalyptus are also in demand!

What to shoot in December 2019 – Sports lifestyle

Contributors are asked to deliver the photos of people playing almost all kinds of sports, individual and team one!

You don’t want to move from your own sofa? Not a problem, organize the watching sports party and make some pictures, take care of releases for recognizable people and upload your content as fast as possible!

What to shoot in December 2019 – Interiors of beautiful spaces

Search beauty everywhere! People value interiors which make them feel relaxed or cozy! Bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, but also social areas like cafes, shops, shopping centers. Don’t forget to get the property releases!

What to shoot in December 2019 – Social media stars

So you want to be a super star? – why not, you can become one as a model for this kind of photoshoots! Well, better to make pictures of social media influencers life style. It’s a really trending topic right now. Taking photos or even selfies in popular locations, digital nomads and social media marketers – the range of this subject are so big. Don’t sit! Start to make some social media stars photos!

Well, that’s all, at least according to the Shutterstock Newsletter. So have a good time while you create your stock footage and see you in the next post from series “what to shoot next”!

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