Travel – basics from where you should start

From the dawn of time, people were curious about the world. Some of them wanted to cross the borders of their own village, area or country. They were driven by the desire to learn, see unknown places, and discover foreign cultures. These motivations remain valid until today, only technology has made distant journeys easier to achieve. Travel – basics will give you some idea why it’s really worth to see the world.

Travel – basics: my beginnings.

An old saying goes: „As the twig is bent, the tree’s inclined.” Well, in my case this truth works one hundred percent. I traveled with my mother from early childhood. I don’t even remember the first few trips. I crossed the Polish border as a child of only eighteen months. Then the spiral of wanting to explore another world was only getting more and more intense. Travel has become part of everyday life.

Travel – a way of life

By opening ourselves to the world, we gain a broader perspective. Unfortunately, the price that often comes to pay for getting to know this other, „stranger” world is high! Suddenly our own place becomes too cramped, and the call of travel becomes stronger. At twenty-five, I made traveling my profession. I finished the course and passed the state exam (then it was legally required), then I started working as a tour guide. I realized my passions and at the same time gained the opportunity to show the world to other people. It was like a dream come true!

Travel – plans for the future.

I visited over forty countries in the world, also now I live and work outside of Poland. I would like to share my experience in travel, my knowledge, but also tips that you will not find in standard travel guides. Through this site, I am going to post travel posts, tips, interesting facts, and my own, not always positive, memories. In addition, I am thinking of a series of short guides, „stuffed” with knowledge, that will be available for purchase in my store. Also, I’m planning to create personalized travel planning services.

And why did you start or want to start traveling? What is your main motivation?

Soon the post from the „Learn” section – Why you should control your Social Media better?

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