Stock photography – basic information

Stock photography - basics

Stock photography – passive income

From some time I’m searching for ideas to create a few streams of passive income. I want to reach bigger financial independence or maybe even quite my daily work.

Stock photography – my beginnings

About 18 months ago I heard about the idea of Stock Photography like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock. I started to wonder can I monetize the photos I had already on my hard drives. I created contributor accounts on a few of them. In some of them I had to pass trial submissions (later in the future I will try to write a separate post about that) and I started to upload first photos. I have to admit, I did it without reading something about it.

Stock photography – from a time perspective

Now, after those months, I know that I didn’t treat it enough professionally. Captions of my photos were too short, not detailed enough. What is worst they did not include enough keywords. The hashtag section mostly was not my friend. I was using only those suggested by the platform. If the platform didn’t use that system I was just placing a few of them, without putting enough effort into this. Sometimes I wish I would be able to turn back the time. I would give that part of the process much more attention, and for sure I will with the new photos I’m going to upload in the future. Well, after all, we all learn the best about our own mistakes.

Stock photography – first results

Despite technical shortcomings in the captions and hashtags I managed to earn a little bit on my photos. It’s not some big amounts, for sure it could be better, but after all, it’s some extra income. I hope that with the time I will be able to earn on the stock photography enough to be able to pay each month a bill or two (like phone or electricity).

Stock photography- some useful links

If you would like to see my portfolio on Shutterstock click HERE, and if you want to join Shutterstock click HERE. If you want to become a customer click HERE.

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